Products & Services


We offer a one-stop conference management service. Your peace of mind is ensured as we guarantee you excellent co-ordination and smooth running of all the proceedings before, during and after the conference.

We offer the following as part of our conferencing services:

* Accommodation bookings at competitive prices.

* Booking of conference venues to suit clients' needs.

* Negotiation of fares with International Airlines.

* Personal Meet and Greet Service at the Airport.

* Transfers from/ to Hotel.

* Registration of delegates.

* Registration Desk.

* Travel Desk on conference premises.

* Hiring in of specialized equipment.

* All printing needs for the conference.

* Conference Package for conference goers.

* Name tags, bags, pens, notebooks/stationery, etc.

* Liaison with delegates.

* Meals + activity requirements during the conference.

* Pre and Post Conference tour requirements.


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