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Bumi Hills Anti Poaching Unit

bhapu-iconAbout the Project

The Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) was established in July 2009 by the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and resident Professional Guide Andrew Dalzell. Working Closely with Nyami-Nyami Rural District Council Wildlife Section and The National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority the unit works tirelessly to protect and conserve all forms of fauna and flora in the Bumi Hills Wildlife Area and beyond.


Rehabilitate - Protect - Preserve

Mission Statement

We will stop at nothing to ensure that our diminishing wild places are rehabilitated where necessary, protected against the destructive actions of the human race and preserved for the benefit of the environment and future generations of wildlife.

Achievement to date

  • Removal of over 4 000 wire and cable snares
  • Removal and confiscation of over 10 000 metres of illegal gill nets
  • 50 poachers have been arrested, leading to the conviction of 3 repeat offenders (now serving jail time)
  • Successful execution of the award winning 'Starvation Island Feeding Program'
  • Successful rescue of a lioness that had a wire snare around her ankle
  • Successful rescue of an elephant bull that had a cable snare around his front leg
  • Successful rescue of a lioness that had a cable snare wrapped tightly around her torso
  • Successful expansion of the road network within the wildlife area ensuring greater access to vulnerable areas
  • Successful control and retardation of many bush fires during the dry seaon to preserve grazing for all wildlife
  • Successful exposure that led to the direct impoundment of kapenta rigs commercially fishing in illegal areas
  • Provision of assistance on numerous occasions to Matusadona National Parks by way of manpower, fuel, vehicles, boats and other equipment with the intention to support anti-poaching operations and other wildlife protection initiatives.


The BHAPU were directly responsible for Bumi Hills Safari Lodge being awarded the 'Green Trophy' for 2010 by AZTA (Association of Zimbabwean Travel Agents) for the 'Starvation Island Feeding Operation'

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