Our Wonderful Trip to Zimbabwe

By Harriet, Holly & Drew Brown

From the immense history of Great Zimbabwe to Rhode's Grave in the Majestic Matobo, via the magnificent Lake Kariba, the stupendous Victoria Falls, amidst the incredible wildlife of Hwange, carried by the wonderful warm hospitality of the Zimbabwean people.
An adventure to last a lifetime. Today was a very long day. We woke up at 4am to set off from Jo'burg to Zimbabwe. We queued for 3 hours at the border... 'I did not like it at the border at all....I called it the boredom!" After a long drive we arrived Norma Jean's, near to Great Zimbabwe. It has magnificent views over Lake Kyle... My Daddy and I have just had a fun walk around the beautiful gardens. There is a pretty pink and white flower called the Sabi Star" We had a great feast dinner at the restaurant and slept well!

Wild Life in Masvingo

Norma Jean's in Masvingo
After an early morning walk, we went to Lake Kyle (Lake Mutirikwi) dam wall, where the flood gates were open sending water down to the sugar estates. My Mom bought me a beautiful seed necklace. Then we went to Great Zimbabwe. Our guide Phillip was so interesting and knowledgeable about the history of Great Zim, built by the Karanga people over 800 years ago.

The chief can marry lots of women. His first bride lives in a big castle at the down in the valley. The other wives live in smaller walled areas further down the valley. The King lives high up on the top of a huge rock mountain. We did traditional dances and saw the amazing Zimbabwe Birds – Great Zimbabwe is awesome! After that we drove for more hours to Harare and it was so exciting to see Grandma and Grandad, Uncle Robin, Aunty Jo, Uncle Luke and Suzanne!

The Great Zimbabwe Monument

Lake Mutirikwi in Masvingo

Today we had so much fun playing at Grandma and Grandad's wonderful house. I loved playing rugby in the Garden, and swimming in the pool! We dressed up Peppy the dog in my tracksuit top I went to the wedding fittings for Uncle Luke's page boy, and had a milkshake. Tonight we went to Coimbra I had delicious Garlic Chicken and Chocolate Mousse for pudding I had a drink called Cherry Plumb...You can only get this in Zimbabwe!

Coimbra Restaurant in Harare

A meal at Coimbra Restaurant

Bumi Hills

Today we went to Lake Kariba, and crossed the lake to Bumi Hills on a boat. What a magnificent hotel with incredible views our own piece of paradise! I spotted an Elephant and an impala right outside my room! My favourite part was doing a game drive on a boat. We saw lots of Bachelor herds of Impala, and then the "Uncle Luke's Bachelors" arrived for the wedding.
Another incredible sunset before falling fast asleep in a comfortable bed! This morning we went for a game walk along the lake shore with Dean McGregor. We played elephant dung soccer. We found an old Hippo's skull!

The Lakeshore Wedding was Lovely

Boat Ride on Kariba Lake


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