WE SO DID IT! Thank you Premier Holidays for all the assistance supplied from your end. Our crew were absolutely fantastic and particular attention to our guides Lazaro, Gabriel and Hubert - couldn't have done it them! The portaloos were fabulous and very necessary, and the food they managed to produce was quite amazing!

Uhuru Peak from a Distance
Almost There

So much for the dry season though - weather was atrocious. Day 1 - Rain, Day 2 - Dry but misty, couldn't see 5 metres ahead, Day 3 - Worst Day of my life! Lava Toilet - 3 hours Rain, 2 hours sleet/snow and a further 3 hours of rain! Day 4 - Barranca Wall - loved it and the weather was kind to us (Couldn't believe that we were able to buy coke and Kili beers for $4 at Karanga and Barafu! - what a treat!) Day 5 not too damp and early in to camp. We were lucky on summit night that it was clear, with full moon but obviously cold. We plodded on like Lemmings and all made it to Uhuru Peak.....

The Snows of kilimanjaro
We made it

Thank you again, Premier Holidays Team, for all the info you provided; There was no query too big or too small which Hayley was not able to answer. We were advised very accurately on where to purchase a Tanzanian sim card, menu of our meals on the mountain, hiring of equipment etc - it all seems so surreal now. An amazing life experience and looking forward to our next adventure..

Exhausted but Ecstatic
This was a Proud day for Zimbabwe

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